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Exercise: I Ain’t What I Used To Be

Posted by admin on January 24th, 2009 filed in Prevention

leg and knee warm up stretching

“My knees ain’t what they used to be when I was 25!” joked my husband after he exercised. He’s right; even though I told him he still has a great body. The dreadful truth may be broadcasted loud and clear from our knees for those of us who are reaching boomer status. Exercise can hurt, so you are tempted to pass it up.

Knees take a beating in life, particularly if you have played sports in your youth, run or jogged for exercise, or had knee injuries, such as ACL tears (anterior cruciate ligament tears). The cushioning of the meniscus in the knee joint gets worn down or damaged with age and use. Lubrication, called synovial fluid, dries up.

So - what are you to do about exercise if you have knee pain?

First, see a good orthopedic specialist, who has a sub-specialty in sports medicine, for an evaluation. You need to know from an expert exactly what you are dealing with. You can only devise a good exercise program when you know just how much to push and just how much to limit your activity. Ask your physician for specific recommendations about what you can and cannot do when you exercise.

Paradoxically, some knee pain will lessen with mild to moderate exercise. Ask your orthopedic doctor to prescribe several sessions of physical therapy to get you started with some knowledgeable supervision. Then you can continue on your own.

It was a surprise that Louise, who was severely overweight and had massive damage to her knees, benefited from physical therapy. Strengthening the supporting muscles and ligaments around her knee joints with certain specific, limited exercises helped take some of the pressure off of her damaged knees, while she waited for knee replacement surgery.

Hopefully you are not in that category. For most boomers it is a matter of engaging in and enjoying non-weight bearing exercise. For instance it may be time to give up the basketball court for the swimming pool. It may be time to replace your jogging time with a bicycling time to take the pressure off of your complaining knees. They are complaining for a good reason.

Keep in mind that the leg muscles above and below your knee, front and back, must be stretched regularly to help your knee joint remain in alignment and flexible.

Stretch your hamstrings by sitting on the floor, steps or a low chair and bend slowly from the waist.

Stretch your quadriceps muscles, the muscles on the front of the thigh, by pulling your foot up behind your buttocks - gently and slowly.

Stretch your calf muscles by standing on something, like a book or a step, so that you heel is lower than the ball of your foot.

See your doctor if you have knee pain and get it evaluated. Then you can trust that your exercise is helping, not hurting, your knee joints. It is most important to keep on exercising in the best way for your body’s well being.

By: Lynn Kennedy-Baxter, RN, MA

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Download a free guide to more energy to exercise at wwwSmartWomenExercise.com. Lynn Kennedy, RN, MA delights in helping people find more energy and motivation to exercise.
knee and leg stretch exercise
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Exercise Trampoline
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8 Responses to “Exercise: I Ain’t What I Used To Be”

  1. Romie Walker Says:

    Exercise: I sure ain’t what I used to be. Enjoyed reading your article. As a 70 year old I under stand pain in the knee. As my Son told me, If you had known you were going to live this long you would have taken better care of yourself.

    After having surgery to clean up the broken cartilage in my knee the pain was still so severe that I could not exercise. But after injections of Synvisc every six month I am able to do those exercises as your article so aptly explained.

  2. Clarence Gaines Says:

    Most people think that swimming is easier on the joints. Depends on what stroke you do. If you do the breast stroke kick it puts a lot of pressure on the knees. Better to do the flutter kick if you have knee problems. If you have shoulder issues, you also have to be careful of doing the free style. There are no risk free activities.

  3. Tilly Holmes Says:

    my kids just love to jump around on trampolines and they are sort of addicted to it.-~;

  4. Joel Owen Says:

    I always make sure that i get an exercise each day, exercise keeps me fit and healthy.`-`

  5. Thomas Morris Says:

    i alway love to exercise during the day because it energizes me:’;

  6. Flashing Beacon  Says:

    my kids just love to jump all day lon on trampolines, they are addicted to it;”~

  7. Keratin Hair Treatment %0A Says:

    i am interersted to get a physical therapy course because it seems like a good job ”-

  8. Testabolan CYP Trial Says:

    Good info. Lucky me I recently found your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have bookmarked it for later!

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