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Among the more common injuries affecting the knee joint is an anterior  cruciate ligament tear. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is among four ligaments that are vital to the stableness of the knee. A ligament comprises  tough fibrous material and serves to curb excessive movement by controling the amountof joint mobility. Of the four ligaments in  the knee, the ACL injury is the most usual knee ligament injury.The knee is constructed to flex only in one way with the knee pointing straight frontward. If the foot turns inward too much , the leg turns inward  towards the opposite leg. This makes the knee work while facing  inwards. In that positioning every footstep you make can place stress upon the knee. When your knee joint painfulness is owed to your foot mechanics, orthotics could make up a real  good method to ease your symptoms.


Sensing or hearing a popping sound in the knee when the injury occured.

Sudden unstableness in the knee  after a quick  change in direction,  direct blow to the side of  the knee or a jump.

Painfulness along the outside and rear of the knee.

Knee swelling up during the following few hours after the injury.

Sudden swelling usually happens after a severe knee injury.

Restricted knee motility caused by pain or swelling.


It’s important to realize how these two ligaments can refer pain to other parts of the body.  The lateral collateral ligament sends painful sensations down to the lateral foot and the medial collateral ligament sends pain downward in the leg to the big toe . The ligaments in the knee joint are named the anterior and posterior cruciate  ligaments. These serve to brace the knee, stopping too mutch frontward and rearwards motion. Almost all ACL injuries occur during athletics and  physical fitness activities. The ligament might tear if you slow up abruptly to change direction or pivot with your foot securely set, wrenching or overextending your knee. Athletics that require running, twisting aggressively, pivoting and leaping - in particular volleyball, basketball and soccer - poses a risk for the knee. The ACL may tear also as the shinbone is forced forward under the femur, that might occur during a fall when skiing. Being tackled while playing football can also cause an ACL injury.


Physiotherapy is necessary to the treating, rehab, and prevention of a lot of the injuries that involve the knee joint and the surrounding supporting body structure. Physical therapy for knees frequently includes ice and elevation and muscle strengthening workouts. Actions that shock or jolt the joint cartilage or flex the supporting ligaments ought to be  stopped temporarily. Actions that demand repetetive bending should be attempted with  caution.

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